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  • "esync is easy to use. All it took was a few clicks to get my matches. The personality quiz revealed some interesting facts about myself too. Knowing that this improved my chances of meeting someone suitable. And look what happened, now we’re a family!"

    Alan & Erica

  • "Thank you for your follow-up, here is a testimonial from the both of us, who are together now. Initially there was some anxiety and we did have many things to work on, but esync has helped us tremendously to give us guidance and advice. So, we finally managed to get to know each other better and work on our relationship.Now we are very confident about our future. Our advice to friends out there who have not found love: A thousand miles begins with a single step. As long as you’re willing to make the first step, you will be able to find love and happiness."

    Will & Win

  • "Thanks to esync, we have found each other! Upon our first meeting, we immediately clicked and our lunch date extended to many more dates to come. However, our second meeting almost did not materialise as I lost Sun May's mobile number due to my faulty hand phone. But thanks to esync's efficient staff, Joanne, she was able to connect me to Sun May immediately. We experienced ups and downs during our courtship, but with open, honest communication between both parties, we overcame the obstacles, and finally tied the knot on 9/9/2013! To all who are still searching for your other half, do not give up!"

    Roger & Sun May

  • "He is the most amazing guy that i have met. He's down to earth, honest, sincere and we have great time together.. I am sure he is every woman dream's man. We already have our 2nd date on the same day! Basically we spend the rest of the day together. Really appreciate that he's making the effort to meet me even after a long flight fm Paris without rest and sleep. I really like him a lot and i am sure with our commonality he will be a great partner. Thank you esync for the arrangement and making this day the most wonderful day. I believe real love does exist."

    Jenny & Kib

  • "What sets esync apart from other online dating websites, is that it has dating consultants who verify the identities of the people whom you are about to date. It's safe, and it makes dating all that much pleasant - you just have to worry about what you're gonna wear to impress!"

    Joanne & Bernard

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